“Let’s Walk” was born from a great love for travel, people and all that is outdoors. With a sense of mission to share my passion and professional knowledge with people in Israel and across the globe, I established this online resource for education and on-foot exploration of all accessible and charted walking trails on Earth (yes, you heard right). If you catch my travel bug from me, I believe my work is done.”

Hi. I’m Omer Ziv.

I’m a 31 year-old tour guide with certification from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, and I work as a tour guide both in Israel and abroad. Before I started guiding for a living, I took a trip to South America where it dawned on me that I knew very little about my home country. When I landed back in Israel I decided on tour guiding as a career. Ever since, every day brings with it fascinating discoveries, intriguing anecdotes and new facts along the way that enrich both my professional and personal life. True affirmation of a wise decision and my love for travel!

After clocking up dozens of kilometers over Israeli terrain, checking off my list myriad trails across the length and breadth of the country, and guiding numerous treks abroad, I recently decided to take walking trails to the next level. I noticed that, for me, real fulfillment came from connecting with nature in the simplest, most unadulterated way. When your feet encounter the bare earth, they can’t help but transmit that enjoyment to your soul. Longer trips that require you to plan logistics and prepare supplies in advance can actually result in an even greater, more powerful experience.

My (Official) Resume:

BA in Geography and Land of Israel Studies.
Certified Tour Guide from Israeli Ministry of Tourism.
Travel Guide in Georgia, Montenegro, Lapland Spanish Pyranees.
Guide for Birthright Program, for North American Jewish youth.
Content Editor for “Tiuli” – online travel resource by “HaMetayel”.
Certified Rappelling Guide and Director of Outdoor Adventure Park.
Experience in guiding various groups for “Etgarim”.
Graduate of Elul Program at Ein Prat College.
Instructor, Tour & Study Guide for Israel National Trail with “Elul BaShvil”.

Customize Your Trip:

I’ve made it my mission to share with you my passion for nature and walking trails. Whether you’re planning a family trip or an organized tour group, if you’re a tourist, extreme sports enthusiasts or you’ve just had enough of the noise and traffic of the city, I’d be happy to help you plan a trip and tailor it to your specific needs.

Specialty Tours include:

Walking trail groups (advanced and beginners)
Segments of Israel National Trail or full Israel National Trail groups by season
Walking tours including all logistics
Day tours
Tours for disabled persons
Tours including overnight stays/outdoor camping
Backpacking across Israel
Natural springs
Urban tours
Tours in the footsteps of the Tanach and Jewish holidays
Free-Style: You say what and I put it together